old building decorated with sun catchers

Northern Lights

A lightinstallation by lichtblick21 | Cazador-del-sol-muenchen 

A yellow circle of light surrounds the outdoor pool in Munich Nordbad. 300 Cazadores swaying in the wind and enchant the bathers and swimmers. Especially in the winter season, sun catchers spread the sunshine and positive mood. A very special "ray of hope" in the pre-Christmas period.

After the great success in 2010 in the Südbad in Munich shines the Nordbad of 4 to 18 December with the extraordinary light installation by Stefan Heptner - Gallery lichtblick21.For all swimmers, there is an additional special offer: After the art installation in the Nordbad the suncatchers are purchased at a special price. The sale takes place on Saturday 17 December 17 to 20 clock, and on Sunday 18 December 11 to 14 clock in the lobby of the Nordbad. Reservations are also available at the box office of the Southern & Northern bath.
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Stefan Heptner - Lichtblick21 


Stefan Heptner - Lichtblick21