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Cazador-del-sol - the Original
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Product made in Germany.
Cazador-del-sol - Suncatcher - 10 years garanteeTen-years guarantee on Disk and swinging rod. Otherwise Replacement free of charge!

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We Support You!

The Cazadores-del-sol are inspiring and fascinating whether as a single suncatcher or as sunfield. Help us to carry the light of the sunfields into the world and become a Cazador-del-sol dealer!

As a dealer you represent the philosophy of Cazador-del-sol. You can go deeper into our philosophy in special trainings, if you like. Upon your first order of 100 Cazadores-del-sol we will provide you with our current book, which contains a lot of information on the product and the philosophy as well as impressive pictures of the suncatcher. You can also view them on our web site at

Of course we support you especially at the beginning of your dealership with comprehensive information material and our high-quality image-catalogue to inspire your friends, customers and business partners.

We support you by:

  • recommending you as a dealer in your area
  • a free "Cazador-del-sol book" containing lots of pictures and our philosophy
  • easy online-handling of your orders and inquiries
  • publishing your events and fairs at Cazador-del-sol
  • providing professional support of large projects and "sunfield installations" (minimum 300 Cazadores) by our team
  • advising you in all matters concerning the effective presentation of the Cazador-del-sol

An indoor or outdoor presentation of the Cazador-del-sol should preferably consist of a set of 7 yellow Cazadores. We will be pleased to provide you with a free set. The idea is to display at least a "siete" (installation consisting of seven suncatchers) or a "doce" (twelve suncatchers) in a prominent position, as only several Cazadores swaying together in the breeze will have this fascinating effect.

We attach great importance to the high-quality presentation of the Cazador-del-sol. We are happy to support you. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any further questions.