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Cazador-del-sol - the Original
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Product made in Germany.
Cazador-del-sol - Suncatcher - 10 years garanteeTen-years guarantee on Disk and swinging rod. Otherwise Replacement free of charge!

Assembly Instruction

NEW Connecting Sleeve for secure connection of all suncatchers coming with a swinging rod.

  1. Pass the screw through the hole of the sun disc and hold it firm.
  2. Tighten the connecting sleeve onto the screw on the reverse side. No tools required!
  3. When the connecting sleeve is locked, fit the sun disc tightly onto the swinging rod. Enjoy...


Cazador-del-sol Set [Sun disc mounted on a swinging rod]

  1. The swinging rod has a pre-drilled hole at one end. Put the Cazador-del-sol on this end. The Cazador should finish flush with the the rod.
  2. Put the little wedge in the pre-drilled hole of the rod and press. The rod is pressed apart a little and thus keeps the disc in place.

    TIP: Push the Suncatcher gentle against a hard object, for example horizontal against a wall or wodden fence, to force the little wedge fitting tight.
  3. Done! Stick the assembled Cazador-del-sol in the ground and enjoy…

Cazador-del-sol basic model hanging

  1. Put the cone on a plane surface and push the Cazador-del-sol on the cone until it clicks and finishes flush with the cone.
  2. Tie a knot in the thread and pass it through the cone (see graph)
  3. Hang up the Cazador wherever you want.

Tip: Tie the knot as big as possible! If you live in a very windy region we recommend the 0.8 mm thread