Streetart - Installation in Chicago - at the John Hancock Building

After the first installation on the streets of Chicago in 2017, this year we are proud to present a new installation project on one of Chicago's most important landmarks, the John Hancock Building.Instagram

red and yellow discs

Flower Festival in Meran - Italy

The fascinating Flower Festival from 26 March to 2 June in Merano and the surrounding area.
colorful sunshin in lyon by night

La Fête des Lumières

| Lyon
From December 8th to 11th, "La Fête des Lumières" took place in Lyon, France.

LUZ Solar ... prolongs the glow of the cazador until deep into the night.

The anticipation is tremendous, this year more than ever: Spring is coming!
With moderate temperatures sitting outside with friends in the evening we are looking forward to  balmy summer nights. Our great novelty is just the right thing for those evenings: Luz Solar – an LED lamp with integrated solar panel that carries the fascinating glow of the suncatcher into the night. 

NEA - this summer’s favourite flower

These lovely little bouquets came into the world this year and instantly became a summer highlight! No matter which colour you choose, they bring a lovely glow to every garden and flower box conjuring a smile on our faces. The new favourite colour: orange! See for yourself!

New connecting sleeve!!!

New connecting sleeve for secure connection of all suncatchers coming with a swinging rod. The sleeve is suitable for all models – old and new. No tools required for assembly. 
Assembly Instructions

Suncatcher is frost-proven!

Your suncatcher can be left outside the whole year long. Frost and snow are not bothering the Cazador - far from it! Especially in the dark and sad time of the year the Cazador's shine is a beauty spot – as well at Christmas time.

Swinging Rod - Information & Care

After some years of use the surface of the swinging rod may feel brittle and frayed. This does not diminish the quality of the rod. It remains flexible and unbreakable. We recommend that you use an off-the-shelf scrub sponge. Simply wipe the pole several times with the – usually green – scrub surface. Done! 

hiking trail through suncatcher

Colorful Installation at the Horticultural show in Germany

| Kamp-Lintfort
On Monday April 20th the Horticultural show in Kamp-Lintfort (Middle-Germany) will open their doors to the public. Due to Corona the offical start of the show was shifted to May .. We'll keep you updated!