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Installation “time” at the Park Illumination at Grugapark

From 8th February to 17th March the Park Illumination is mounted at Grugapark in Essen. Cazador-del-sol presents the first illuminated installation in the middle of the Dahlia Arena. This time René Hildebrand’s sun-field is all about time.

"Time is change"

René Hildebrand

Time is an integral part of our lives – sometimes it flies by quickly – sometimes it seems to crawl, but it always brings changes. Especially in difficult periods of your life we want to bring “a ray of sunshine” into your life, nourish the soul and bring new hope and energy. Therefore we would like to take the installation “time” as an opportunity to support a very special place in Grugapark the “temporary home” in the Hundertwasser House. The families of severely ill children, who are treated in the nearby university clinic, can live here for some time to take a rest from the stressful daily routine at the clinic. We would like to support this wonderful idea:

Therefore we donate 6.00 Euros to the Ronald McDonald House of the McDonald's Kinderhilfe Stiftung (McDonald’s Help for Children Foundation) for every Cazador-del-sol® sold from our special edition “time” – so that this place becomes a bright spot…

"bright spots" for the McDonald's Help for Children Foundation

René Hildebrand planted a small group of sun-catchers from the special edition “time” in the inner courtyard of the Hundertwasser House in Grugapark as a present at the opening of the Park Illumination on 8th February . We hope that many donations will follow …...
» McDonald's Kinderhilfe Stiftung

Cazador-del-sol ® special edition “time”


The Cazador-del-sol of the special edition “time” had a special engraving suggesting the hands of a clock. For each purchase we donated 6.00 Euros to the McDonald's Kinderhilfe Stiftung (McDonald’s Help for Children Foundation) at Grugapark Essen. This special edition is not available any more.

» Presseinformation zur Installation "Zeit" PDF [315 KB]
» Presseinformation zum Cazador-del-sol PDF [313 KB]


René Hildebrand
Sabine Berger
Meisterbetriebe Blumen Brandl


Parkleuchten: F&H Event Company
Grugapark Essen


René Hildebrand,
Sabine Berger,
Horst Götz (Fotos 8-10)
Natalie Zachrai (Fotos 11-12)


» BILD-Zeitung Ruhrgebiet
» WAZ - Essen

Sonnenfänger - Uhr

"Hunderte "Sonnenfänger", also geschliffene Plexiglasscheiben, bilden die Zeiger einer Uhr.
Ein schöner Effekt und ein Magnet für Fotografen."
[Bild-Zeitung - (Regionalausgabe Ruhrgebiet) 12.02. 2013]