Rene Hildebrand inszeniert Sonnenfeld

City of Gardens

The installation "City of Gardens" with 500 Cazadores in June 2010 is part of the efforts the Silesian capital Katowice made to achieve the title "European Capital of Culture 2016


René Hildebrand
Agata Norek
Kattowitz 2016

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Sculpture Gardens

The planned new wave of artistic, social and educational projects aims both to remind the public of Katowice's own tradition of gardens and parks and to transform public spaces by creating new gardenlike phenomena. These new spaces will not only come to serve as spaces for social interaction and daily use: they will also be conducive to reflection and good-natured conversation.
[Katowice - City of Gardens, Katalog, Seite 20]



Agata Norek
René Hildebrand