Cazador-del-sol - het origineel
natuurlijk met kosteloze verzending
binnen Duitsland.
Cazador-del-sol - 10 jaar garantieOriginele fabriekskwaliteit - 10 jaar garantie op de schijf en de steel met gratis vervanging

montage instructies

Cazador-del-sol Set [Sun disc mounted on a swinging rod]

  1. The swinging rod has a pre-drilled hole at one end. Put the Cazador-del-sol on this end. The Cazador should finish flush with the the rod.
  2. Put the little wedge in the pre-drilled hole of the rod and press. The rod is pressed apart a little and thus keeps the disc in place.

    TIP: Push the Suncatcher gentle against a hard object, for example horizontal against a wall or wodden fence, to force the little wedge fitting tight.
  3. Done! Stick the assembled Cazador-del-sol in the ground and enjoy…

Cazador-del-sol basic model hanging

  1. Put the cone on a plane surface and push the Cazador-del-sol on the cone until it clicks and finishes flush with the cone.
  2. Tie a knot in the thread and pass it through the cone (see graph)
  3. Hang up the Cazador wherever you want.

Tip: Tie the knot as big as possible! If you live in a very windy region we recommend the 0.8 mm thread