"The Cazador-del-sol – an art object hovering between the visible and the invisible" Cazador-del-sol light installations are projects of P. René Hildebrand and varying creative teams.


They are "lively" installations in various respects. The yellow light of the art object is generated by conversion of invisible light waves into visible light waves. The glowing discs of its elements, which are fixed on long, slender rods, move gently in the wind bringing the installation to life. So it is little wonder that especially children like to compare the Cazadores to real sunflowers. And that is where the secret of the sunfields lies.

Modern materials like plexiglass and GRP rods are used to create abstract plant-like art objects, which are inspired by nature and enriching it.


The Cazadores-del-sol light installations are designed to give you moments of relaxation and pleasure amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It turns your lawn into a mystical meadow that glows and never withers. Like a glowing field created from the warm light and the bright yellow colour. But even a single Cazador-del-sol in the garden or on the balcony will chase away the stress of everyday life with its bright light and its gentle movements.

Whether as an installation or as a single object the Cazador directs our thoughts to positive ideas. They help you relax in an oasis of optimism and bring more light and warmth into your life. 

"Nourishment for the Soul"

Thanks to the warm light and the soft swaying in the wind the Cazador will bring harmony and sunshine into your life – whether the sun shines or not. Even on a dull day the suncatcher will turn invisible light into visible light. Each glance at the garden or at the balcony will bring a smile on your face, for light is nourishment for the soul.

"Give Sunshine as a Present"

The fluorescent Cazador-del-sol transforms light energy and thus glows all by itself – absolutely eco-friendly and energy-saving, without electricity or other energy sources. On a rainy day or at dusk we feel this effect even stronger. It is exactly when we miss sunshine most that the Cazador-del-sol glows the most intense.

Mounted on a flexible rod the suncatcher reacts sensitively to the most gentle breeze and sways softly in the wind. 

The interplay of warm light and gentle motion create a feeling of peace and harmony.