Cazador-del-sol Disk: Product Information & Care

The Cazador-del-sol is UV resistant, i.e it will not fade due to sunlight or other weather factors. The material is also heat and cold resistant (+120° C to -50° C), even frost and snow will not harm it – so you can keep it outdoors in winter.

The surface of the Cazador should be handled with care. Hard materials can cause scratches, abrasion or other damage.

You can simply clean your Cazador-del-sol with warm water and a little washing-up liquid. Make sure to use a soft cloth. In case your Cazador got very dirty you can also use detergents containing spirit, alcohol or benzene. Do not use rough sponges or brushes or scouring cleansers to avoid scratching the surface.

We guarantee that the Cazador-del-sol retains its shape and colour for 10 years and of course it is made in Germany.

Swinging Rod

The flexible rod included in the sets is distinguished by its unique, sensitive pliability. If used with the suncatcher and handled properly the rod is unbreakable.

After some years of use the surface of the swinging rod may feel brittle and frayed. This does not diminish the quality of the rod. It remains flexible and unbreakable. We recommend that you use an off-the-shelf scrub sponge. Simply wipe the pole several times with the – usually green – scrub surface. Done!