Artist P. René Hildebrand

My path to discovering the joie de vivre I feel today has been determined by a lot of stopovers and a great many experiments. The variety of materials and things surrounding me has always played a major role in this process. The artistic and creative options copper, plexiglas, screws, glue, heat, electricity, light and many more offered seemed endless.

Then the artistic process was reversed reducing everything to the essential. This is also reflected in the Cazador-del-sol, the suncatcher. Now a single object was reproduced to be passed on. One became many. The vision of a sunfield gently swaying in the wind like a cornfield was born. The fascination of light and the swaying motion of the suncatcher create a positive emotion and radiate a joie de vivre - an impressive experience.


P. René Hildebrand, Designer 
Born 21st Juli 1954 
Electrical engineer

Since 1977 jewellery design, plexiglas furniture, display construction, custom-built lamps, exhibition stand construction, Sentire (pulsating warm air massage with silk scarf). References (selection): Playboy, Carrera, Alpina, Rossigniol, Bavarian Ministry for Economic Affairs, Airport MUC II, SGL Carbon Group, Degussa, now Evonic.

Since 2001 René Hildebrand has been retiring from day-to-day business and developing his own products such as the Pura Light System, the Puroo Light System (not yet available), the Cazador-del-sol, Perplexummobile (still in stage of development).

Cazador-del-sol – Development


René Hildebrand visits the Canary Island of Lanzarote. The light and the barren, black volcanic landscape are a source of inspiration for the designer. 
After a great many experiments the Cazador-del-sol – the catcher of the sun – is developed.


The Cazador-del-sol is developed further and René Hildebrand realizes the first impressive installation of more than 170 Cazadores-del-sol on a black lava field, avenida acorán, on the island of Lanzarote. The dailies "La Voz" and "Islas Canarias" as well as the Spanish TV channels ICTV Canaria and Canal Canarias report extensively about the sunfield. 


The Cazador-del-sol is introduced on the German market. 

since 2006

... numerous sunfields are realized – in Germany and abroad:

Garden Show Fürstenfeld – Installation of 200 Cazadores-del-sol 
Sparkasse Duisburg – 50 Cazadores-del-sol as an indoor-installation 
Annahof Stadt Augsburg – the first "city-installation" of 77 Cazadores-del-sol
Schloßgut Scheyern (2009)  – a floating installation
Kattowitz (2009 - Poland)  – the walk-in sunfield of 500 Cazadores-del-sol
Südbad München (2010) – a nocturnal light-installation
and many more

... special editions are created

The small Cazadores: "Sunflower" and "Sun Bouquet" [René Hildebrand]
"She Loves Me – She Loves Me Not" [Lichtblick21 - Stefan Heptner] 
"Apples red and round" [René Hildebrand] 
and many more

... the Cazador-del-sol radiates light

The suncatcher is represented by over 40 dealers in Germany. 
Every year it attracts more and more "fans" – at fairs, markets and garden festivals.