Suncatcher Cazador-del-sol

Joie de Vivre for your Garden

The suncatcher Cazador-del-sol is a suncatcher disc made of Plexiglas which is mounted on a flexible swinging rod.

Daylight hits the disc, is focused and emanates at the edges – without electricity or other source of energy. Ecofriendly Brightness for the Sophistacted Garden Design.

Escpecially at dusk a mystical play takes place: Just when all other plant are laying their heads to rest for the night, the Cazador-del-sol shows itself / blossoms in all its splendour.

Have the summer stay in your garden – even in winter

For even small amounts of sunlight are enough for the suncatcher to absorb it and make the sun visible, even when it is not out.

The Cazador-del-sol is an outdoor decoration that gives you pleasure and positive energy. The stylized plant made of modern material is the suncatcher original designed by the artist René Hildebrand: A fluorescent “flower” swaying gently in the wind on its long rod - like a sunflower that never wilts. The suncatcher is a new interpretation of nature’s beauty: Enjoy the joie de vivre of summer in your garden or on your balcony in every season.

Sunshine in your garden - timeless and beautiful

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Art “made in Germany” – aesthetics with guarantee of quality

Suncatcher by Cazador-del-sol

If you opt for a Cazador-del-sol, you get a high-quality product. The suncatcher withstands temperatures of – 50 to 120 degrees centigrade and is therefore highly resistant to sunlight as well as to cold temperatures without fading.

We are convinced of the quality of our products.

The swinging rod is flexible and at the same time very solid: Even strong winds cannot harm it. So, no matter whether you live in an area with hot summers, stormy autumns or freezing winters the suncatcher will bring you shining light at every time of the day.

Please follow the care instructions to ensure that you can enjoy your suncatchers for many years to come

Care Instructions

If it got dirty, simply wipe down the Plexiglass disc with a soft cloth and water with a little washing-up liquid to protect the surface and install the product according to the assembly instructions.

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Inspired by the interplay of the Spanish sun and the black volcanic landscape on the Canary Island Lanzarote the German light artist René Hildebrand designed a decorative element which provides sunlight even in places where the sun is not in abundance.

The suncatcher Cazador-del-sol – Spanish for “Hunter of the Sun”, provides an oasis peace and strength in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In the meantime, Hildebrand and his team have made a name for themselves through their work: His sunfields can be found in all parts of the world.

Now you can have the sun in your garden or on the balcony - no matter what the weather is like.

“Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you”

Bring this saying to life and discover your suncatcher in the Cazador-del-sol online-shop.


After the Cazador-del-sol touched many people as a single "flower", the idea was born to "plant" whole fields of flowers. The installations are meant to invite people to pause. To stop the hectic pace of everyday life and bring a smile to the faces of the viewers.

With the wonderful sun catchers we realise again and again enchanting art-installations all over the world... Take a look.